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Faithfully moving forward: annual report 2022

2022 marked the first year of our new strategic period. Even though it was the start of a new strategic period and despite the change…


REPORT: Older people particularly vulnerable in conflict situations

Dorcas published a report entitled ‘Falling through the cracks’, which concludes that, in Ukraine, older people are particularly vulnerable to suffering the consequences of the…


Resilience: Annual Report 2021

If there was any year in recent history where the importance of resilience was underlined, it was 2021. On a global scale! The COVID-19 pandemic…


PAPER: Dorcas – for 40 years and beyond

This year Dorcas marks its 40th year of existence. 40 Years of changes in the world. 40 Years of contributing to sustainable change. Together with so many others, who…


REPORT: COVID-19 and the Rights of Older People

The COVID-19 pandemic and in fact all crises – acute or prolonged – remind us that human rights need to be central in all recovery…