Annual report 2022: Faithfully moving forward

With gratitude, Dorcas looks back on the past years in her annual reports. Each annual report is published in May or June and provides comprehensive and transparent information about our activities, results and impact.


2022 marked the first year of our new strategic period. Even though it was the start of a new strategic period and despite the change in leadership during the year, we can conclude that 2022 was characterised by moving forward on the chosen path. The crises in various project countries did not take Dorcas by surprise, even though these have demanded a lot from us. We moved forward thanks to the support of thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of donors. Our collective efforts reached and impacted more than 1 million persons in 14 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Over 40 shops Dorcas shops and 10,500 volunteers, over 83,000 individual supporters, 428 companies and 2,000 churches worked together with 384 Dorcas staff and many partner organisations. We put our shoulders to the wheel together with our partners. We have learned to cope, adapt and adjust, but not to give up.


Reached impact

Throughout 2022, we again created meaningful impact with our work. Together with local Dorcas colleagues, but also with valued partners.

For the first time, we indicated our reached impact through long-term outcomes. Each Dorcas project is linked to the long-term outcomes of the Dorcas results framework and their corresponding indicators, and we link each project with the impact statements in our Theory of Change. By doing this, we illustrate how our Way of Working  contributes to change for individuals, communities and societies. These long-term outcomes were chosen based on their level of contribution to the six impact statements of flourishing people and communities and the degree of compatibility with Dorcas’ fields of expertise.


Within the 2022 annual report, the following is highlighted:

  • Ukraine crisis response (with selected projects from Eastern Europe).
  • Sustaining food security and livelihoods (with selected projects from the Middle East).
  • Climate, cooking and cattle (selected projects from Eastern Africa).
  • Communities at work are stronger (selected projects from South Sudan).

Strategic plan

Do you want to read more about our plans for the future? You can read all about it in our strategic plan.