Our governance

Dorcas is a Christian organisation that provides humanitarian assistance and facilitates development cooperation. More than 85 employees work at the international office in Almere and about 280 at the country offices. On this page you can read about our background and organisation.

Good governance

The Supervisory Board monitors and advises our management. In this way we comply with the 'Good Governance Code for good causes' of the Wijffels Commission and the guidelines of the CBF.

The Management Board submits all policy plans, annual plans, annual budgets and annual reports to the Supervisory Board for approval. The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a term of five years. After an initial term they can be renamed once. They receive no compensation. However, they can declare expenses incurred.

Supervisory Board

  • Mrs. A.J. van der Werff
  • Mr. C.N. de Kat
  • Mrs. E. van Weelie-Nijman
  • Mr. F.J. Albracht
  • Mr. H.F. Massink
  • Mr. J.C. van der Linden

A.J. van der Werff

E. van Weelie-Nijman

H.F. Massink

J.C. van der Linden

Peter Palsma

Chief Operating Officer

C.N. de Kat

F.J. Albracht

Agnes Kroese

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic plan (2022 - 2025)

In our strategic plan you will read more about:

  • Identity: What drives us
  • Strategic ambitions: Responding to a changing landscape
  • Approach: Realising sustainable change
  • Partnerships: Achieving more together
  • Financial ambitions: Faithfully Forward
  • And more...

Openness and transparency

We find openness and transparency very important. Not only to win the trust of the people who support us, but also to improve the quality of our work. We see open data as a way to improve our work together with organisations worldwide. By publishing data online, others can use it for analysis, visualisation and comparison. Moreover, it quickly becomes clear which organisations carry out which activities in which area, which promotes cooperation. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a forerunner in the field of open data and Dutch development organisations are regarded as the first organisation in the world to strive for full transparency and openness.

Integrity Reporting Point

Dorcas aims to provide a safe working environment to staff, but also for project participants, partners, and other stakeholders we work with. As part of that safe working environment, we encourage everyone to report a concern or negative experience with or within Dorcas. Describe clearly what the situation is, how you think it should be solved and how we can deal with it better in the future. We will respond to your report within two weeks. The Dorcas Integrity Officer will contact you to discuss the report with you and to determine the possible next steps with you. Your report will be treated confidentially and the information will only be shared with other people if you have given permission for this.