Open data and transparancy

The work of Dorcas is guided by the principle of transparency and openness. Not just for our donors, but also to continuously improve our work as well as collaboration within the humanitarian and  development sector.

Therefore Dorcas commits itself to the concept of Open Data regarding IATI. As part of this commitment Dorcas has decided to publish project data in an IATI-compliant way. The IATI standard is a framework for publishing information on development cooperation and humanitarian aid activities in a timely, comprehensive, forward-looking, structured, comparable and open manner.

Dorcas embraces the principle ''Open, unless..''. Project information is only excluded from publication to IATI if it falls in one of the categories that are presented in this policy.

  • Security
  • External relations
  • Privacy
  • Harmful for operations
  • Legal/contractual
  • Cost effectiveness

The Open Data Exclusion Policy applies to all project data published online using the IATI standard. This policy is therefore directed towards, and mandatory for all Dorcas staff engaged in publishing data. The Open Data Exclusion Policy will be made public through our website. Dorcas will continuously work to make our data is as transparent and user-friendly as possible.

Dorcas is currently publishing all projects that are carried out by the Ministry of Foreign affairs, have a budget of at least 250,000 euro, and have started after February 1st, 2016.

We are optimising our project systems so that we will be able to publish all our projects online eventually.



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