Building Bridges: Dorcas annual report 2023

Our world is in turmoil: 2023 saw a marked increase in crises and people in need. And this immense need painfully highlighted the gaps and divisions in our fragmented world. Dorcas rose to this challenge and focussed on building bridges.

Through the power of partnership, we bridged gaps in equality and opportunity so that marginalised individuals could connect and participate and their communities flourish. We served as the bridge to connect our stakeholders and supporters with those in need. That bridge enabled us to respond immediately when Syria was hit by earthquakes, continue our support in Ukraine, and stand up for those whose needs are less visible, such as farmers in Tanzania and Mozambique. Throughout 2023, we also worked hard on the foundations needed to support strong bridges. For example, we improved our compliance with the Core Humanitarian Standard, continued key strategic partnerships, and expanded our advocacy efforts with a human rights campaign to raise awareness for just societies in which everyone can participate.

Our collective efforts enabled more than 1.4 million people in 14 countries in Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East to cross the bridge towards a more flourishing life. 44 Dorcas shops, 3121 volunteers, 75,353 individual supporters, 5125 companies, 4372 churches, 428 Dorcas staff and many valued partner organisations made this impact possible. 

Bridges towards a more hopeful future highlighted in our Annual Report 2023 are:

  • Ukraine – frontline resilience boosted through cash, mental health and psychosocial support.
  • Albania and Moldova – community development projects enable marginalised individuals to flourish.
  • Lebanon – protection and resilience of displaced persons and their host communities increased.
  • Syria – markets and livelihoods restored in Aleppo.
  • Yemen – humanitarian assistance provided through the Dutch Relief Alliance.
  • Iraq – water supplies restored and hygiene improved.  

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04 June 2024

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