Investing in sustainable change in the lives of those in need

We empower people who are marginalised to develop their talents. And we enable disadvantaged communities to flourish. We equip individuals and communities to promote and ensure participation of all. We fight poverty, exclusion and crisis. This is how we follow Jesus Christ.

We stand up for human rights!

At Dorcas, we see the needs of marginalised people. People whose voices are often not heard and whose rights are frequently overlooked: older people, people with disabilities, women and children. Through our programmes and advocacy work, we contribute to creating just societies where every individual can participate and flourish, whoever they are.

We commemorate the 75th Human Rights Day on 10 December 2023 with stories from a rich tapestry of stakeholders who stand up for human rights. Each individual does this in their own unique way and all these contributions count in our joint mission to safeguard the rights of marginalised people and communities.

This is how Dorcas stands up for human rights. What do you stand up for?



We recognise that every individual has been given different opportunities in life.


We strive for sustainable change in the lives of those who live in poverty, exclusion or a crisis.


We work in 14 countries in Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa and the Middle East.