Helping people get the documents they need

Sargon (39) was born and grew up in Bagdad. But in 2006, his family fled due to the conflict and moved to Dohuk. Sargon, who had recently graduated, experienced first-hand what it was like to be internally displaced and live in a new place where you have nothing.

In 2018, he joined Dorcas in Dohuk. He leads a team in the area of domestic violence and child abuse. Sargon experiences the Dorcas working environment as a family that allows him to grow and he transfers the kindness he experiences there to the people his team helps. ‘I am happy to wake up every day and know that my work for Dorcas is not just a job, but a thing that I love to do.

Safety is definitely not something you can take for granted in Iraq. Many women experience domestic violence, rape and enslavement, and child abuse occurs far too often. Ensuring the victims of such violence and abuse receive access to protection and appropriate support is far from easy. ‘We help people acquire the papers they need to obtain the right help. For example, children need papers to go to school or divorced women need a divorce contract to be able to live independent lives. We also help people returning home to obtain the documents they need to reclaim ownership of their property even if the house where they once lived no longer stands.’

Although Sargon is proud of everything his team does, he realises they still have a long way to go.

‘Of all displaced people in Iraq, 80% still have no papers and so no access to all kinds of support and assistance. We’re not there yet’, he says.

03 June 2024

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