Sargon: ‘I stand up for the rights of internally displaced persons in Iraq’ 

Sargon is a Programme Manager at Dorcas Iraq.  

Sargon: ‘I am deeply committed to advocating for the safety and protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq, as well as ensuring that their fundamental human rights are respected and upheld. These individuals are facing an incredibly challenging situation as they’ve been compelled to leave their homes for various reasons, such as conflict, instability, and threats to their safety. My dedication to this issue stems from the deep belief that every human deserves fundamental human rights and protection regardless of circumstances. It’s a matter of empathy, human dignity, and social justice.’

‘This issue holds paramount importance both in my professional and personal life. As a Programme Manager at Dorcas Iraq, I’m closely involved with IDPs. We work directly with these displaced individuals, providing them with essential resources like shelter, food, and protection services.’   

‘Witnessing their struggles and hearing their stories has also profoundly affected me personally. I believe in every person’s inherent dignity and worth, which makes it even more disheartening to witness so many people, including innocent children and vulnerable families, being forcibly uprooted from their homes.’

‘In addition to direct assistance, I’m involved in advocating for their rights at the policy level. This includes collaborating with local and national authorities and international organisations to ensure these vulnerable individuals receive the required protection and assistance. The goal is to create a society where no one is left behind, and everyone has a fair chance to rebuild their lives and regain dignity.’ 

This story is part of Dorcas’ human rights campaign. Read more stories and statements on our dedicated human rights page. Human Rights – Dorcas

03 December 2023

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