Eva: ‘I stand up for food security in crisis areas’ 

Eva works as a Humanitarian Assistance Expert at Dorcas.  

‘The conflict in Yemen often seems like a never-ending story: people have been trapped in a hopeless situation since 2014. A situation that also makes it quite challenging to find donors who aren’t fatigued by the circumstances. I’ve been to Yemen twice, and I’m deeply impressed by the resilience and optimism of its people. Yemenis are incredibly warm, kind and generous. Also, our colleagues are very passionate, and I’m inspired by their vision for the country and their determination to rebuild it. Despite many reasons for pessimism – Yemenis facing one hardship after another, from conflicts to floods or extreme heat – it energises me when we can respond flexibly to those urgent needs. For example, recently, we were asked to assist 250 families who unexpectedly had to leave everything behind and found themselves with nothing. We provided them with cash assistance.’

‘Besides cash assistance, we also distribute food packages. However, we aim to exchange these food packages for a cash donation wherever possible, as that enables people to choose what they need most and where they spend their money. A condition for this exchange is that people reside in areas close to a market or a shop, so they do not have to spend part of the cash on transportation.’

‘Providing a food package or cash represents far more than just the actual gift. Of course, people need food, but a food package or cash is also a gesture that they are seen and not forgotten. This gesture might impact a person’s life more than the gift they received, and I’m thankful we can make such a vital difference.’ 

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03 December 2023

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