Safe haven for vulnerable refugees

The situation in the refugee camps in Greece is dreadful and full of despair. Girls and single women are at risk to be abused and pregnant and sick people lack the aid they need. Refugees often don’t get proper care, trauma counselling and basic necessities such as clean water and clean toilets. In cooperation with local Greek churches, Dorcas started a project in which vulnerable refugees have a safe haven in which they are taken care of for a while.

Women who travel alone, girls, people who have fallen victim to physical or sexual violence, elderly people without family, pregnant women, and severely ill people are taken into the one of thirteen safe houses. Because the need is so great, another ten houses will be added in the near future. Currently, forty five children have found shelter in one of the houses.

On top of nutritious food, clothing and practical aid, people in the safehouses also receive assistance still-300x168with asylum applications and other legal matters. People with a (war) trauma receive psychosocial help and there are many activities for children, such as English classes. Local employees are specialized in adequately helping this vulnerable group and they are supported by local volunteers from Greek churches.

Short report about life in a refugee camp in Greece
One of the people currently living in one of the safe houses is thirteen year old Zeinab from Syria. During the spring she was interviewed by TIME magazine.

26 July 2016

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