Dorcas joins Medair in Somalia

We are now part of the Joint Response in Somalia. In partnership with Medair, we provide aid to victims of the El Niño which has caused both extreme floods and drought. As a result many children are malnourished. According to official statistics, at least 7,000 children were infected with cholera, during the first three months.Somalia

Medair has been active in the area for quite some time and will joing them, focusing on water, sanitation and food aid.

In the coming months, we wants to provide 2,500 homes with water filters so that they will have clean drinking water. On top of that we want to create awareness about hygiene and proper use of clean water. 10,000 children will receive medical screening for malnourishment and the 4,400 who need it most will receive treatment.

19 July 2016

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