Responding to migrants and refugees

The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the largest movements of displaced people in Europe since World War II. Dorcas is currently helping out, focusing on those who are most vulnerable, such as children, elderly, pregnant women and women with young children.Refugees

Dorcas started responding to this crisis in September 2015 in Macedonia. In the six months that followed, Dorcas helped meet the basic needs of approximately 150,000 refugees. Dorcas distributed items include food, hygiene items and blankets.

At the moment Dorcas is starting a new project in Greece to provide safe houses for the most vulnerable migrants and refugees. Dorcas Albania is also getting ready for refugees. The Balkan route is still closed and it is expected that refugees will start to travel through Albania.

EU-CORD shared an article about the work Dorcas is doing for migrants and refugees. Please click here to read the full article.

02 May 2016

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