Migration in Ethiopia

Woord en Daad and Dorcas are starting an extensive programme to meet the challenges of migration in Ethiopia. We will train young people in southern Ethiopia through vocational schooling and access to a job afterward. We are working together with several companies and a university to realise this.

Two million Ethiopian youth enter the job market. Chances that they will find a job are slim and many think of moving abroad. Usually they think too highly of the places they want to move to and they are unaware of the difficulties they may encounter. If these youth choose a future in Ethiopia, they are able to help strengthen the local economy and create new perspectives for themselves and others.

The Employable Youth in Ethiopia (EYE) programme aims to give youth access to education and work. Youth will learn vocational skills and, if applicable, to operate their own businesses. They also get educated in the pros and cons of migration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands is investing six million euro in EYE. Rina Molenaar of Woord en Daad states that the financing of this programme is important for the Ministry because migration is a worldwide problem. Woord en Daad had requested nine million euro from the Ministry and is now receiving two thirds for its execution. The organisation will try to raise the other third itself.

21 February 2017

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