Joint relief aid for El Niño victims

Several Dutch aid organisations have joined their efforts to help drought victims in Somalia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Millions of people are in acute need. The organisations, united as the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), offer relief aid as a well as long term aid, to help the people recover.

In the next six months, the aid in Somalia – especially in Somaliland and Puntland – will be focused on safe water, hygiene, medical care and nutrition for malnourished children. Health employees will receive training and shepherds will learn how to keep their livestock healthy. Affected people can potentially receive financial support in exchange for work in the community. The aid is meant specifically for those who are most vulnerable, such as children, (pregnant) women, handicapped and the elderly. In this region hundreds of thousands of people have less than one meal per day because of the severe drought. Millions of others have the same fate if something isn’t done quickly. ‘The aftermath of this enormous drought will be visible for a long time. Support isn’t only necessary right now, but in the long run’ according to CARE-relief coordinator Shelly Savagh.Noodhulp

In Zimbabwe – especially in the Midland, Masvingo and Matabeleland North provinces – our aid is all about providing food and water for the most vulnerable. To make sure that children don’t just get meals at school, locals get direct financial support (cash transfers) so that they can buy food for themselves and their families. On top of that, drought resistant seeds are distributed.

In Ethiopia, which has been affected by El Niño since the summer of 2015, the DRA wrapped up the first period of relief aid. Because there is so much need in the area, a second phase is starting right now. In this phase, people receive cash so that they can buy food. We focus on preventing malnourishment by distributing food and seeds and on supplying clean water and sanitation facilities.

10.4 million euro had been made available by the Dutch government for the relief work in the area (4.4 million for Ethiopia, 3.5 million for Zimbabwe and 2.5 million for Somalia). Because the Dutch organisations have worked with the (local) governments for a long time, our programmes can be implemented immediately.

About the DRA
The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) quickly and effectively helps victims of international crises. The Alliance is a cooperation between fourteen Dutch NGO’s, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Somalia, CARE Nederland is in the lead and Dorcas, Save the Children, ZOA and Tear execute the relief activities. In Zimbabwe, Oxfam Novib is working with Cordaid, ICCO, Kerk in Actie, Plan Nederland, Stichting Vluchteling, Terre des Hommes and World Vision. In Ethiopia, World Vision is in the lead, working with CARE, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO and Kerk in Actie, Oxfam Novib, Plan, Save the Children, Stichting Vluchteling, Tear and ZOA. The Dutch Relief Alliance consists of the following organisations: CARE Nederland, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO and Kerk in Actie, Oxfam Novib, Plan Nederland, Save the Children, Tear, Terre des Hommes, Stichting Vluchteling, War Child, War Trauma Foundation, World Vision and ZOA.

26 July 2016

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