DRA receives one million euros for Mosul

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs donated an additional million euros to help refugees in Iraq. The aid will be carried out by the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) which Dorcas is part of. As military operations against IS in Mosul intensify, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of people will flee the city. These people will desperately need shelter and aid.

The donation will be spent on preparations to provide aid for as many people as possible. 700,000 people that are expected to flee the city and water, food, shelter, sanitary facilities and products such as soap, diapers, tooth paste, medication and blankets are needed to take care of the refugees.

The conflict in Iraq is one of the largest and most complex crises in the world. By the end of this year, approximately 13 million people will need humanitarian aid (Humanitarian Response Plan 2016/UNOCHA). 3.3 million people are internally displaced and many have had to leave their houses for the second or third time. The country has taken in 225,000 Syrian refugees and 3 million people reside in IS territory.

About the DRA
The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) quickly and effectively helps victims of international crises. The Alliance is a cooperation between fourteen Dutch NGO’s, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Joint Response in Northern Iraq consists of CARE, Cordaid, Dorcas, ICCO, Oxfam, Save the Children, Stichting Vluchteling, Tear, Terre des Hommes, War Child, World Vision and ZOA.

28 October 2016

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