Dorcas response to crisis in Ukraine 

Dorcas is deeply concerned about the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. CEO Leo Visser states: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a terrible fact today. It is one of those moments in history that we will remember for a long time. We fervently hoped and prayed that it would not come to this. Many people will experience the consequences of this terrible war. As Dorcas we will do everything possible to support them.”

In the weeks and days before this invasion, Dorcas already started preparing an aid operation in case people would be forced to flee their homes from the violence of war. Our local colleagues are monitoring the situation in Ukraine but also in Moldova and other surrounding countries, where many IDPs and refugees are expected to arrive, and we are preparing a humanitarian response together with our local and international partners.

Dorcas Ukraine country director Ferenc Katko: “This is a nightmare. Everything is uncertain now.”

Dorcas has been active in Ukraine for 25 years with programmes for people in extreme poverty and for people who previously had to flee the violence in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Keep updated on Dorcas’ response to the crisis in Ukraine via the updates page.

24 February 2022

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