Dorcas assesses needs in Dahouk

4127Ethnicity is a serious problem in north Iraq and lies at the root of the conflicts in the region. Dorcas aims not only to provide relief but also to introduce peace and reconciliation mechanisms to help different ethnic groups to trust and work with each other again.

Needs assessment in Dahouk

A team from Dorcas went to Dahouk to assess the needs of the internally displaced people (IDPs) and hired more social workers to identify 600 families in Dahouk. In Erbil, Dorcas provides relief to 300 families. Dorcas’ currently has the capacity to work with 2,000 families. ‘We are in the process of getting the budget to find the basic needs for these families for the next four months,’ said Dorcs Director Michel Gendi. The budget includes a contingency fund for medical care and Dorcas pays special attention to elderly people and handicapped people. In few months’ time Dorcas plans to start a programme for traumatized women and children as well as a peace building and reconciliation programme for religious leaders.’ Dorcas also identified the need for building the civil society, and encourages the establishment of more non-governmental organisations and aims to build their capacity to bridge the gaps between different groups.

Registration process approved

Dorcas started the registration process in northern Iraq after approval from the government. Currently there are twelve employees and fifteen volunteers from Egypt to help as well as many volunteers from among the IDPs themselves.

04 September 2014

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