Developments in the Middle East and the work of Dorcas

Recently, the protracted conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories has escalated. The situation currently remains uncertain. 

We do not work in the affected areas. However, the conflict is exerting an influence on the stability in the Middle East. Since the escalation, tensions have also increased in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, countries where Dorcas is active. The UN is very concerned that the conflict will spread to Lebanon.

For the time being, our programmes in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt can continue. The current situation does not directly affect our work in these countries. However, we will continue to closely monitor the developments, and if risks for the safety of our colleagues or project participants arise, we will take appropriate action. In Lebanon, we are also collaborating with partners on contingency plans in order to start an immediate response in case of escalation.

16 October 2023

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