Adopt a child: give hope, give a future


We believe that every child deserves to be taken care of and have a chance to flourish. Our Adopt a Child programme helps vulnerable children that live in poverty.

We are grateful for the 2,775 children we are able to empower at this point and we want to thank our thousands of sponsors for their involvement. Over one hundred children are still waiting for someone to support them. These children have had a rough start in life. Most of them come from poor families or they have lost one or both of their parents. Going to school is often not possible for these children.

With the help of our local partner organisations and with every monthly donation of 25 euros we can make sure a child receives medical care and food. Children in the programme will be able to go to school and take part in activities that build confidence, if needed with the help of a psychologist. We actively invest in the community, work with the parents and make sure that social workers visit the children regularly.

Many children are waiting for a sponsor. Will you give a child hope and a future?

22 September 2016

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