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adoptagrannyA few days ago, Dorcas launched a campaign to acquire new sponsors for grannies in Eastern Europe and Africa. Many elderly live in a miserable situation and they have to choose between medication, firewood or food. They are alone and live in communities in which looking after each other is uncommon. Dorcas invests in the granny and in the community, making sure the granny is accepted, taken care of, with access to medical care, nutritious food and a warm house.

During the campaign we encourage you to sponsor a granny. With your monthly contribution of 25 euro or 35 US dollar, Dorcas helps a granny with food, medical care and other necessities. On top of that, your sponsorship allows social workers to regularly visit the granny. Dorcas motivates and trains people in the community to take care of the elderly, changing the way people think about the elderly. Your sponsorship will have lasting effects that will affect future generations. 

Are you already sponsoring a granny? Invite someone you know to become a sponsor by sharing what it means to you to be a sponsor. Read more on adoptagranny.us (English) or adoptagranny.nl (Dutch). 

22 December 2015

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