Relief aid for drought in Ethiopia

ethiopie-e1447943588108The Dutch Relief Alliance, of which Dorcas is part, is immediately responding on behalf of victims of the drought in Ethiopia, which is already affecting 8.2 million Ethiopians. The alliance has started the Ethiopia Joint Response this week and with this effort, they aim to help 392,000 people with food security, nutrition and safe water.

The drought in Ethiopia and surrounding countries to be more extreme than it usually due to an exceptionally strong El Niño. Rain periods were shorter and water sources have dried out, harvests have failed and cattle is dying. To prevent this from getting worse, the people need help immediately. Because the Dutch Relief Alliance organisations were already present in Ethiopia, they can quickly readjust their efforts to meet the needs of the people.

The Dutch government has made over €8.6 million available for the Ethiopia Joint Response program. The Ethiopian government is already offering relief and together with the government, an assessments on how to provide the most effective help has been made. The Dutch Relief Alliance supports this program, supplies food, cattle (such as chickens and goats) and drought resistant seeds. Malnourished children receive medical care and food and health workers are being trained. On top of that there is specific interest in the creation of new water sources and the repair of damaged ones. The aid will be focused on the people who need it most; children, (pregnant) women, people with a disability and the elderly.



25 November 2015

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