World Water Day

Pagina 5-3.jpgFour hundred children in the Shokut region in Kenya experience clean drinking water for the first time in their lives. Dorcas built a pipeline with four taps at the school these children attend. Many children in were sick because of a lack of clean water and hygiene.

The children also gained access to clean toilets. The old ‘toilet’ was outside and flies spread disease from infected feces to the food of the children. Rainwater spread disease by taking contaminated water from the toilets into the river. This project is so effective because the children, as well as adults, learn about hygiene. The older children in the school are members of the School Health Club and teach the young ones how and when they should wash their hands.

This year’s World Water Day was focused on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Dorcas actively implements these goals in the development of its projects. Sustainability is crucial and that is why the local community learns what they can do to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Adults learn why and how to build toilets. Wood-saving ovens have been introduced and thousands of new trees are being planted to prevent erosion in this dry area. This successful Dorcas project in Kenya takes us a small step closer to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. Clean Water is something that everyone should have access to.


25 March 2015

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