Our Work With Yazidis in Iraq

Dorcas is one of a few organisations that works in Sinjar, in northeast Iraq. The area made headlines for the massacre in 2014. Many Yazidi people were enslaved and displaced. Thousands of people have now returned but they lack basic services such as medical care.

Irin News published an article about the current situation. The following exerpts are from the article:

  • “Patients queue in a dingy corridor in what is left of Sinjar General Hospital to see 27-year-old Hussein Rashu, who was until recently its sole doctor. Hundreds of Yazidis seek treatment here every week, many suffering from complaints induced by ongoing shortages of food, clean drinking water, electricity and heating, and from living in makeshift accommodations.”
  • “While the foreign NGO employees are sitting comfortably in the Green Zone in Baghdad or luxury hotels in Erbil, our people are dying here in Sinjar.”
  • “Sinjar is being completely ignored,” Doctor Rashu said, and mayor Hiamd agreed, adding: “We urge the government and NGOs to recognise the desperate situation here and urgently prioritise helping the people of Sinjar.”

Dorcas is present in Sinjar
“Apart from MedAir and Dorcas, the only NGOs we’ve seen at the hospital are MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières],” said Becker. “In the meantime though, the people of Sinjar are desperate.”

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07 May 2018

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