Shared experience for better results

Within its Consortium, Dorcas organized a training in Child Protection Minimal Standards in Zaporozhye on 30-31st of May, taught by trainers from Terre des hommes. The training was attended by personnel from Dorcas, Terre des hommes, SOS Children’s Villages, Caritas and Children’s Charity Solar Palace. The training consisted of theoretical teaching, practical tasks, project presentations by participants and energizing activities after the breaks. Experienced trainers from Terre des hommes provided valuable knowledge on how to work with children and their families in a humanitarian context, covering and discussing the following topics:

Protection environment and child’s protection.
Minimal standards: main principles and structure:
Standard 1: Coordination;
Standard 10: Psychosocial distress and mental disorders;
Standard 13: Unaccompanied children and separated children;
Standards 15: Case management;
Standard 17: Child-friendly spaces;
Standard 18: Protecting excluded children;
Standard 20: Education and child protection.

To gain a better understanding of different humanitarian situations and the relevant stakeholders, the participants were given roles to play, such as: victims, doctors, policemen and psychologists. The play helped to understand the mistakes that people in the above mentioned positions make on a regular basis, followed by a discussion on the correct way of handling these situations. Such knowledge will help the NGO representatives to be more effective in their work with children and their parents.

All the participants expressed their gratitude for the trainers for interesting, productive and useful discussions and tasks. One of the participants even shared that she finally understood how some of the problems in her adult life were caused by some of the situations in her childhood. The participants expressed that their expectations of the training were met and even exceeded, and that they gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge to be used in their work.

Together we can make a difference!

06 June 2018