Food Security Assessment

Dorcas, as one of the Food Security & Livelihoods Cluster players, participated in UN assessment of food security situation in Donetsk Oblast.

The assessment was conducted in two locations: Ulakly and Kurakhove suburbs. In Ulakly Dorcas social workers felt a certain degree of mistrust from local residents, who had to answer more than 120 questions, but still the assessment was productive and efficient.

In Kurakhove suburbs, among forsaken buildings, one of the addresses belonged to an elderly lady. She stood in the street near her house selling apples to earn at least some extra money for medicine. Having answered the Food security assessment questions, she agreed to spend some more time to go through assessment by Dorcas employees, who, having seen her living conditions, understood that she was in need. This lady was picked by the system and became one of Dorcas beneficiaries.

The presentation of the final findings from the Joint Food Security Assessment (FSA) took place on 12 September at WFP office, 20 Esplanadna, Kiev.

For more detailed information please follow the links below:

Joint Food Security Assessment on GCA & NGCA – Summary Report – 12 September 2017

Joint Food Security Assessment on GCA & NGCA – Presentation – 12 September 2017

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14 September 2017