Finishing the 4th project funded by Dutch MoFA

The year 2018 is coming to an end, together with the Ukraine Joint Response IV that started in January.

The year was challenging and difficult in many ways. The REACH assessment noted protection issues to be of high concern and reported an increase in the number of households reporting shelling in areas within 5 kilometers to the line of contact. Furthermore, half of the assessed households reported children hearing shelling on their way to school giving a clear indication that the ongoing conflict and related violence is present in the everyday life of civilians (REACH report, November 20, 2018). Another challenge is the declaration of the Ukraine martial law in some regions of Ukraine which made the access to contact line locations harder and more complicated.

Despite all of these challenges, Dorcas was able to carry out its planned activities in full, and even exceeded the expectations. The following results were reached in 2018:

150 households were covered with livelihoods cash grant for supporting their domestic businesses in contact line locations of Donetsk region.

For more information please read the following articles:

Livelihoods interventions in the east of Ukraine

Creating Beauty from Ashes

There is always room for love in the midst of war

3671 individuals received multipurpose cash grants to cover their basic needs both in Donetsk and Luhansk contact line locations.

To read more, please follow the link below:

Cash Grants: help where it’s most needed

595 individuals were assisted with psycho-social support in groups and on individual basis in Donetsk region. The following topics were provided for the group sessions: how to cope with stress and depression, interpersonal conflicts resolution, communication without violence and positive parenting.

For more reading, please follow the link:

Psycho-Social Support for Conflict Affected People in Eastern Ukraine

Capacity building: 7 trainings were arranged for consortium partners and local organizations:

Child Protection, Psychological First Aid, Humanitarian Negotiations, Preventing Professional Burn-out, First Medical Aid training, Personal Safety and Computer skills.

Together we can make a difference!

19 December 2018