Dorcas helps in Ukraine

IMG_6464The situation in Eastern Ukraine is getting worse. More than 1.4 million people have fled their their homes and are in need of humanitarian help. Dorcas has been active in this part of the country until the end of January and is now raising funds to prolong the activities for the next six to eight months.

Basic needs

Refugees and IDPs received material and pastoral support in Sneshnoe, Zaporozje, Kharkiv, Kriviy Rog, Donetsk and Lugansk. Dorcas also provided support to 2,250 IDPs in Transcarpathia. People urgently need shelter, material support and food.

Vulnerable groups

The most vulnerable people come first: families with young children, elderly people and the disabled. Shelter is provided in churches, empty buildings or with host families. Where possible, buildings are insulated to keep out the winter cold.  People receive food, clothes and household goods and children of refugees can go to school. Assistance with refugee registration and medical care are also provided.

19 September 2014