Dorcas annual report

Impact in 2017: Anchoring Change

Today, Dorcas presents the Annual Report 2017. It concerns an English report that tells about the impact of our work. We supported more than 600,000 people in 18 countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We share successes, challenges and personal stories from people we supported.

We also explain how people in the Netherlands are involved in our work, for example in Dorcas Shops and with the Dorcas Food Campaign. Of course, the finances are discussed and we explain the strategic choices that have been made. We explain our Theory of Change and our Approaches. In addition, we share the internal organisational changes that are going on in order to be able to touch even more people with our work in the future.

In Ukraine Dorcas continued its support of socially disadvantaged families with two new family development projects (Transcarpathia and Volyn regions) that were built on the foundation of family care and child care. Beneficiaries received support and knowledge in income-generating activities to strengthen their livelihoods and to improve their well-being. The projects also provide training, for both adults and children in self-esteem, financial management and life skills. The results thus far are promising: (1) self-motivated families generating more income; (2) improved lifestyle and (3) the creation of sustainable livelihoods. In the longterm, the project has the potential to reduce unemployment in these regions. In addition, we continue to support partners in their programmes focused on the most vulnerable elderly. In Eastern Ukraine Dorcas continued to implement a largescale humanitarian programme funded by the Dutch government for those affected by ongoing conflict.

In 2017 we helped 600,000 people on place where we were needed. Never fleetingly, always with an aim towards lasting change. As a powerful force to touch the lives that touch us. Our work is as simple and profound as a hand on a shoulder, as eye-to-eye contact. We are Dorcas. A powerful and effective combination of staff and volunteers in the Netherlands and abroad. Employing our talents with passion, in a spirit of equality. From the volunteers in our shops to our bookkeepers and from our workers in Eastern Europe to those in Africa and the Middle East. Together we make Dorcas work.

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01 June 2018