Aflatoun programme implementation in schools of Luhanks region

Dorcas continues to expand its activities in Luhansk region in order to reach and help more people in conflict affected areas of Eastern Ukraine. In cooperation with Terre des Hommes Dorcas started a new project in social and economical empowerment of children who are encouraged to act as agents of change in their own lives for a more equitable world. The project is funded by UNICEF and will last for the duration of the school year 2018-2019. Under this project, Dorcas arranged a training on Aflateen in cooperation with Aflatoun International for 15 teachers from local schools who are interested in teaching their classes according to the Aflateen program. Dorcas will provide support on a daily basis for the teachers and carry out the monitoring of the implemented project.

Aflatoun International manages programmes that are based on three curricula: Aflatot (for 3-6 year old children), Aflatoun (for 6-14 year old children) and Aflateen (for 15-18 year old teenagers). Regional and national versions of such curricula have been created in 45 languages and have been adapted to complement programmes on issues as diverse as empowerment, peacebuilding and disabled learners.

Aflateen, a program targeting teenagers, plays an important role in addressing issues faced by young people today. It is crucial that they understand money and the markets that increasingly affect them as they become consumers, workers and producers. This greatly improves their opportunities for the future, as it prepares young people for a complex and turbulent job market.

Dorcas Ukraine and some of its implementing partner staff were trained in and use of Aflatoun since September 2016. Several staff members of Dorcas International are qualified to give Training of Teachers trainings about Aflateen curricula.

Five educational establishments were selected for this project, and in total 250 teenagers will be covered with the Aflateen program.

In the classes teenagers will be able to explore concepts as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status and religion, but also the key Aflatoun theme of financial education. After facilitated sessions, looking at these themes, young people will develop financial knowledge by incorporating practical activities, including enterprise creation and community activities.

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10 August 2018