Thousands receive medical care in Hospitrailer

IMG_1962In 2013, Dorcas joined forces with the International Red Cross, Cordaid, the Syrian Ministry of Health and Hospitainer to finance a mobile hospital in Syria. Thousands of people received medical help over the past year.


One year after the mobile hospital started its operations, Dorcas Director Michel Gendi visited Syria. ‘The situation in Syria is devastating,’ said Michel. ‘Everything is destroyed.’ It’s almost unthinkable that people are capable of doing this.’ He visited several projects with Mother Agnes of the partner organisation. ‘We are grateful to have Mother Agnes as our partner in Syria. She looks after refugees and IDPs, and she  talks with the rebels as well as with the government representatives.’

Young and old

Nearly 11,000 patients were treated in the Hospitrailer over the past year, including 1,489 surgeries. Young and old came to the Hospitrailer to be operated. An 82-year-old mean with skin cancer as well as cardiopulmonary problems could only be treated with local anaesthesia because of this combination. The hospital in his home town could not perform the surgery. He travelled 50 kilometres to the Hospitrailer for a successful procedure. An 18-month-old baby with cancer was brought in and could be operated successfully. A 60-year-old woman travelled 100 kilometres to be operated on a hernia. Many babies were born in the Hospitrailer, even premature twins. The ‘success stories’ are endless.

26 January 2015

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