Tabeth: ‘I stand up for Social Justice’ 

Tabeth is the Advocacy Coordinator for the EU-CORD Network based in Brussels. 

Tabeth: ‘To commemorate the World Day of Social Justice, I stand up for four principles: human rights, participation, access and equity. By our humanity, every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, social status, minority status, religion or disability, deserves to have their human rights respected. In a world struck by endless conflict, deep division, firmly entrenched inequalities, and disregard for human life, I stand up for human rights for all.’

‘I stand for participation, which means that everyone should be allowed to participate without any restrictions in decisions impacting their lives. No voice is more important than another, and every voice deserves a seat at the table. For this to happen, discrimination in decision-making and participation must be identified and dismantled. This is why reframing partnerships is a cross-cutting theme at EU-CORD: We value a plurality of voices across the 87 countries where our members are active.’

‘Access to resources, quality health care, education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and other services should not be the preserve of a select few due to factors such as geopolitics, income or social status. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how interconnected our world is and how multi-factorial our challenges are. Therefore, part of social justice is living in a just society where resources and services are accessible to everyone.’

‘Finally, our members strive to support the existence of equitable communities, where previous imbalances are recognised, and disenfranchised communities are provided with the tools they need to thrive, not just survive. Multiple layers of one’s identity make one more vulnerable to discrimination and dispossession. This is why some of our members’ projects include disability inclusion, education in emergencies, supporting women human rights defenders who are protecting their ecosystems and providing humanitarian supplies in protracted crisis situations. We know that there can be no peace without social justice.’

About EU-CORD 

The EU-CORD network comprises of 26 NGOs that work alongside their national civil society counterparts in 87 countries. The logo comprised of three overlapping free-form circles represents the coming together of member agencies who are committed to working together 

As individual organisations (and as a network) we are an inter-denomination grouping of Christian relief and development agencies, inspired by Christian values to accomplish our work. As such, we are independent of any political, social or religious authority. 

19 February 2024

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