START response for flood victims Albania

Since the beginning of December Albania has suffered under the most severe rainfalls ever recorded. Almost 5,000 households have suffered flood damage in Albania and around 600 families are still homeless after being forced to evacuate due to the torrential rainfall.  Dorcas Albania alerted the START network for this crisis and succeeded in their appeal. 30.000 pounds is made available by the START network to the Albania office to support 1,500 flood affected individuals with a cash support.

Over 100 road sections and dozens of bridges have been damaged, along with infrastructure such as power and water supply stations. Damage assessments suggest that more than 15,000 hectares (including vast areas of agricultural lands) have been flooded.  Over 70,000 homes have been left without electricity. Flood affected families are in desperate need of food, shelter and other basic necessities. Furthermore in the near future the community’s will suffer the consequences of the cold winter, destroyed crops, which is one of the main sources of income for all those families.

21 December 2017

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