Siaya Water and Sanitation Project in Kenya

Following the successful completion of the Inception phase of the ‘Siaya Water and Sanitation Project’ and consequent approval by the Dutch government (RVO), Dorcas is ready to start the implementation. We will implement this project in close collaboration with its project partners: the local NGO North Gem, the County Government of Siaya (COG) and a private company Maji Milele. The project is co-funded by the Dutch Government (RVO) through the Sustainable Water Facility. 100.000 people will obtain access to clean and safe drinking water in the coming 5 years because of this cooperation.

The project will be implemented in two phases. In the coming two years, the project will improve and rehabilitate East-Uyoma and Naya water schemes in order to provide 60.000 people with sufficient, affordable and clean drinking water. The project partners will renovate and/or repair the existing water schemes. The will also install prepaid water meters to ensure that everybody pays a fair price and that all have easy access to safe and clean water.  This will be realized in close cooperation with these Schemes’ Supervisory Boards. The project will provide sanitation and hygiene activities to eliminate Open Defecation. We want to motivate households to invest in improved toilet facilities and encourage them to use sanitary products. Additionally, a built-in local safety net system will ensure that vulnerable and marginalized people are integrated to the project. Similarly, the capacities, as well as opportunities for women in leadership, water and sanitation related enterprises will be strengthened to increase their incomes and participation in the mainstream development.  The Dutch government (RVO) will contribute 50% of the project costs, while Dorcas and Maji Milele provide 40% and the County Government of Siaya 10%.  The total approximate project portfolio will be 2,9 million euro for a period of 5 years.

09 May 2018

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