South Sudan requires immediate support to mitigate a humanitarian crisis 

The situation in Sudan and South Sudan continues to worsen as thousands of people flee the conflict in Sudan and cross the South Sudanese border. Dorcas shares the worries of the NGO community of South Sudan that the number of returnees and refugees is exceeding previous projections, as the number is already over 50,000. This adds to the dire humanitarian crisis South Sudan is already in. The start of the rainy season will also have a major impact on the area. The situation can become even more catastrophic, as El Niño is predicted, and this may cause heavy rain and floods. 

Together with the humanitarian community in South Sudan, we want to raise awareness to the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in the region. In order to mitigate an even bigger crisis and support those in need, we need to respond now. Humanitarian supplies and especially food items need to be supplied to prevent the severity of food insecurity in the region to worsen.  

04 May 2023

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