A journey from darkness to hope

Adina*, a 23-year-old woman found herself at a crossroads in life. Placed in a child placement facility at a young age, she bore the scars of a tumultuous upbringing. With a child of her own and another on the way, Adina faced the challenge of providing for her family, all while grappling with the shadows of her past.

Desperate for financial stability, Adina turned to the harrowing world of prostitution, where the promise of quick money masked the agony of her soul. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. Through the compassionate outreach of the Next Steps programme, Adina found solace in therapy sessions and psychological support, guiding her away from the perilous path she once walked.

“It was like finding a light in the darkest of nights,” Adina reflects. “The support I received not only helped me break free from the chains of prostitution but also steered me away from the grip of drug abuse.”

The journey towards healing was not traversed alone. With the unwavering support of dedicated social workers and psychotherapists, Adina embarked on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. From securing essential benefits such as child allowances and housing to receiving vital medical support, the programme served as a lifeline for Adina and her family.

Moreover, the programme didn’t just stop at addressing immediate needs; it laid the foundation for a hopeful future. Through vocational training in tailoring, Adina discovered newfound skills and a sense of purpose. “The tailoring courses were more than just about learning a trade. They provided me with a sense of belonging and a sanctuary from life’s chaos.”

As she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her second child, Adina looks towards the future with renewed optimism and determination. “I dream of a life filled with stability and opportunity for my children. Thanks to the support I’ve received, I believe that dream is within reach.”

In a world often overshadowed by adversity, Adina’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and resilience. Through Next Steps, she not only found healing but also discovered the strength to rewrite her narrative and embrace a future filled with promise.

Adina*: “In the darkest of nights, I found a light. It guided me away from the shadows of my past and towards a future filled with hope and possibility.”


*Not her real name. At the participants request, we have used a pseudonym for this contribution.

02 April 2024