Quick help with acute crises

You have fled headlong. It was a matter of life or death. You could not wait a minute longer. Your husband was too late, he is not there anymore. You managed to escape. You were on the road for days without eating anything. Now you are in a clump with thousands of people in a refugee camp. It smells huge, because there are no toilets. Your children hardly sleep from fear. There is no prospect. There are only risks: disease, violence, rape, hunger. During the day your dreams have evaporated, at night you are plagued by one after the other nightmare.

Too many people live in a situation that is not human. We offer emergency assistance when a crisis situation suddenly arises and immediate help is needed, usually through war or natural disaster. The people who experience this quickly need basic services, such as food, drinks, shelter, medicine, operations and psychological help. On this page you can read where and with whom we organize this emergency aid.

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We partner with...

The Christian Emergency Relief Cluster

The Christian Emergency Relief Cluster consists of Christian relief organizations that want to provide emergency aid in acute disasters. Together with Red a Child, Tear, ZOA and Woord en Daad we conduct campaigns, we raise funds and we coordinate our activities. In recent years, for example, we organized the emergency aid for refugees in Ukraine, for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and for the refugees from the Middle East.

The Dutch Relief Alliance

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is a partnership between fourteen Dutch non-profit organizations, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This collaboration enables us to respond faster and more effectively to humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world. We also see this cooperation as an opportunity to tackle bottlenecks in the provision of emergency aid. We do research together and we look for ways to innovate.