Press release: Dorcas and Kom over en help launch investment company SharInvest

ALMERE/NIJKERK – Eastern Europe lacks a stimulating business climate, hindering entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from developing their businesses. Obtaining loans is complex and very costly. Moreover, specific knowledge, such as expertise in export, is not accessible to smaller entrepreneurs. These factors prevent otherwise successful companies from growing into solid SME enterprises. The Dutch foundations Dorcas and Kom over en help aim to offer entrepreneurs a new growth perspective through the investment company SharInvest, which they have jointly established.

SharInvest connects investors in the Netherlands with entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. This initiative focuses not on startups but on established companies with growth potential. This growth aligns a healthy financial return with social impact. To qualify for an investment from SharInvest, companies must demonstrably contribute positively to the local community, for example, by creating jobs for people with fewer employment prospects. Investors in the Netherlands provide not only financial input but also knowledge and access to their networks to Eastern European entrepreneurs.

SharInvest offers Dutch investors a return that consists of social impact on local communities and a modest financial return. Dorcas and Kom over en help, the initiators, have been active in Eastern Europe for decades and possess extensive knowledge of the local (business) culture and social structure. Both foundations also have a large network and contacts with local churches, social organisations, and governments.

Several Dutch entrepreneurs are involved in the establishment of SharInvest. Over the coming years, the investment company aims to grow significantly to give a positive boost to local communities and increase the self-reliance of individuals. Investing in SharInvest is possible starting from €100,000.

About SharInvest

SharInvest invests in local small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging countries in Eastern Europe. The investment company is a driving force behind growth and sustainability by contributing to access to finance, knowledge, markets, and relevant networks. Through this, SharInvest invests in tangible and sustainable impact in Eastern Europe.

03 July 2024

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