Portraits of Power - Portraits and stories of powerful women

With Portraits of Power we want to connect women by sharing their stories. Even though at first glance our lives seem totally different, with these stories we show that our lives may not differ that much. Even in a conflict area like Eastern Ukraine, we see the hope of young mothers and the joy of friendship. Portraits of Power helps us to see women without a label like 'refugee', 'poor' or 'weak'.

Amani. When she receives you, you feel the warmth. She minds you to sit down and brings tasty snacks. With a gentle hand she insists: eat! There is an impressive woman behind her quiet appearance. "I was a spoiled child who could not do anything when I got married. Now I have survived a war and cancer, and I have a good marriage with a man who stands for women's rights. '

"A powerful woman has self-confidence, she has persuasiveness and can deal with all circumstances. My mother is my example. "
- Amani, 34 years old, fled from Syria

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