New Sustainable Project in Albania

5817-e1455611308516Dorcas and ‘Kom over en help’ will support a three-year project in Northern Albania that will enable 280 families to be able to start an agricultural company. Thereby these families are able to support themselves financially.

The families start a small company in which they can cultivate vegetables, grow plum trees or raise poultry. They can support their families with their earnings and are able to help poor families in their community by donating a part of their earnings. Indirectly, and additional 355 families are helped by this.

The entrepreneurial families receive training in farming techniques, budgeting and marketing, so that they will be able to continue to run their business independently after the three-year programme has been completed. The work is done in conjunction with local Christians, who can serve as deacons to the spiritual needs of the community.

Nico, one of our programme coordinators says: “This project impacts the entire community. Our cooperation with ‘Kom over en help’ reinforces the work we do and together we can change the lives of many families”.

24 February 2016

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