New project succesfully started in Tanzania

In September, Dorcas launched the project Menstrual Hygiene Management for Her. The project is a collaboration with the Handeni District in Tanzania and will be carried out in twenty five villages in the region. It is supported by the United Kingdom Department for International Development, which contributes GBP 450,995.

The program empowers women and girls. The purpose is to improve their social economic wellbeing and dignity. Practically speaking, the project is to establish a sustainable, innovative supply chain for cost-effective reusable sanitary pads. This will be carried out in collaboration with local entrepreneurs. Another purpose is to stimulate behaviour change towards hygiene and washing and more. Improved sanitary facilities are needed to accomplish this.

The project will also contribute to girls’ school attendance and reduce school dropouts by creating an environment that is conducive to learning.  It will make sure a girl’s monthly cycle will not prevent her from being able to go to school.

01 October 2018

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