A message from our CEO Leo Visser about COVID-19

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Dear colleagues, partners, donors and indeed everyone who is connected to Dorcas,

Right now, the world has turned upside down. Lives are in danger. We feel confused, scared and powerless. The COVID-19 pandemic affects each and every one of us, directly or indirectly. I’d much rather greet you with brighter news but allow me to be open and honest.

Dorcas, too, is deeply impacted by this reality. Hundreds of thousands of lives are affected – be they beneficiaries in our programme countries, volunteers in the Netherlands and abroad, colleagues around the globe and at home or our loyal donors and partners.

We are concerned about the health and lives of millions of vulnerable people. We face challenges on the ground, since much of our work cannot be carried out. Alongside this, important funding sources have been damaged with serious repercussions for our finances. Currently, we are preparing various scenarios – taking into account these adverse circumstances.

The most difficult realisation is that the COVID-19 pandemic hurts our mission. We have a joint, unrelenting responsibility to take action in order to support the poor – those most at risk – during these unprecedented times. Dorcas has helped millions of people in the past 40 years rise up to overcome poverty, exclusion and crisis. Every day, we are witness to lasting change in their lives. Now, these realities face immense pressure.

And yet, at the same time, I believe – wholeheartedly – that we can get through this. I have a great deal of faith in the strengths, learnings and experiences that we have gained over the years. I have even more faith in God who has entrusted us with this mission. He is our refuge and our stronghold in times of crisis. He holds us.

With that same faith and plenty of hard work we will overcome this – in a Christ-like, courageous and collaborative manner. Our programmes are damaged with massive consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable. But we are taking every action we can to continue our work and adapt our activities so that we can pursue our mission without restraint.

But for now, let’s look out for each other. Compassionate as always. Bearing in mind each other’s wellbeing. Standing with those who suffer. The Easter celebration will be different this year but the content doesn’t change – Jesus Christ is victorious over crisis, illness and death. We continue to follow Him and trust in God. I thank you for remaining connected to the task He has given us.

Leo Visser
Chief Executive Officer

26 March 2020

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