Making a difference in 2014


Dorcas reached 356,832 people in 2014.


In 26 projects in Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Ukraine, Russia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa  and South Sudan

–  45,122 people gained (improved) access to health care
–  35,123 people change their behaviour as a result of health information and advice.


In 9 projects in Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

–  28,225 people gained access to clean drinking water within one kilometer from their homes
–  29,383 people now use improved sanitary facilities
–  36,301 people showed improved hygiene behaviour after receiving  information and advice.

Sustainable livelihoods

In 32 projects in Moldova, Romania, Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa

–  3,680 households raised their income above poverty level
–  3,799 households increased their income by 40 percent or more
–  2,271 households produce sufficient food and crops to sustain themselves

Child development

In 17 projects in Albania, Egypt, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Tanzania and South Sudan

–  1,556 children received support in child development programmes
–  2,865 children were supported in child sponsorship projects and 87 received scholarships
–  The school results improved for 89% of children in child development programmes
–  86% of child development programmes use an inclusive approach

Social care

Elderly care: In 24 projects in Albania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Lesotho, Moldova, Mozambique, Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Tanzania 

–  5,030 vulnerable and marginalised elderly people received support through Adopt a Granny projects
–  376 elderly people received support in general Elderly Care projects
–  91% of the people in Elderly Care projects were contacted on a monthly basis. They were visited by social workers and enabled to participate in social events.

Prisoner care: In 6 projects in Egypt, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Tanzania and Ukraine

–  29,112 prisoners were supported by the Prisoner Care programme

Material  support: In 12 projects in Albania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and South Africa

–  The well-being of 48,952 people improved after receiving material support from Dorcas
–  Beneficiairies rated the quality of materials a 7.9 out of 10 in surveys carried out by the  local partner organisations
–  In addition to the material support in the project countries, three shipments of materials for vulnerable people were distributed by local partner organisations in Serbia and Bosnia.

Family care: In 6 projects in Albania, Moldova and Ukraine

–  1,901 marginalised families received support through Family Care projects
–  Beneficiaries rated their improved wellbeing with a 7.9 following the support.

Disaster management 2014

Dorcas operated  in 22 projects to prevent and respond to the suffering that natural and manmade disasters caused. These projects were implemented in the Philippines, Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Bosnia and Ukraine.

–  The Protracted Crisis programme in the Horn of Africa was started in November; first results will be visible by the end of 2015.
–  Disaster Management programmes in Iraq, Lebanon, South Sudan and Ukraine were scaled up.


26 June 2015

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