Lara: ‘I stand up for women’s empowerment’ 

Lara and her family are project participants of Dorcas Lebanon.  

Lara: ‘I stand up for women’s empowerment and rights because I want women to be strong enough to reclaim their rights and for them to be safe.’   

Lara lives with her husband and two daughters in Lebanon. She takes care of the household and also cares for her mother and her mother-in-law. 

Lara: ‘As a family, we have gone through a lot of turmoil in the recent years. Because of the Beirut blast in 2020 and the crisis in Lebanon, we needed more assistance to meet our basic needs, but I was embarrassed and reluctant to ask for this. Later, I felt that I became stronger, and I realised that to help myself and others, I needed to ask for support.’

‘We connected with Dorcas, and they provided psychosocial support for my children. This was very beneficial to them. Later, I also participated in sewing sessions and received a sewing machine. This gave me a boost to move forward. With these new skills, I could provide an income for my family. It was a learning opportunity for me, and because of this, I got more empowered and confident. My dream for the future is always to provide for my daughters and, most importantly, to cover their tuition fees so they can receive a good education and have better chances in life.’  

This story is part of Dorcas’ human rights campaign. Read more stories and statements on our dedicated human rights page. Human Rights – Dorcas

03 December 2023

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