Joost: ‘I stand up for youth employment’

Joost is Inclusive Entrepreneurship Expert at Dorcas.

Joost: ‘Young people live in a rapidly changing world. Social media has opened their eyes to a dazzling array of opportunities. But for most youth in poorer countries, such chances are pipe dreams as they struggle to find work and live with the impact of challenges like political instability and climate change. Some of them choose to migrate in the hope of a better future, but all too often, their dreams are dashed.’
‘In my experience, many young adults are willing to explore local employment opportunities but want better options than their parents had. For instance, farming is only attractive if there are excellent connections with the market, access to technology and a stronger position in the supply chain. However, even if such opportunities come their way, young people often lack the skills they need to grab them.’ 

‘Dorcas therefore runs education and training programmes to support vulnerable youth find local paid work or start their own business. For example, from 2016 to 2021, I was involved in the Employable Youth in Ethiopia (EYE) programme. This partnership between international and local stakeholders provided technical and vocational training and micro enterprise development relevant to the local market to over 20,000 young people in Southern Ethiopia. When they graduated, a job and business mediation service helped them find work locally or start their own business instead of migrating elsewhere in search of a better life.’

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03 December 2023

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