Food support for 60,462 individuals in Hamdaniya and Tilkaif districts

People affected by the Mosul offensive face a multitude of humanitarian challenges. IDP’s, returnees and host communities have a reported lack of access to essential goods and basic services. Conditions in newly retaken areas are dire: basic infrastructure is damaged or destroyed, service provision has in many places come to a full stop, supplies and goods are scarce and many areas are contaminated with explosive remnants of war. People who lived under ISIL governance have experienced excessive violence, limited or no access to protection or essential services and severe human rights violations. A staggering number of 3.2 million people are currently food insecure and forced to rely on negative coping strategies. Families in the Ninewa plains especially require lifesaving food support. Markets are disrupted and agricultural production is severely affected by the ongoing violence.

The project consists of the provision of in-kind food assistance, in which the food security needs of beneficiaries will be addressed in out of camp settings. The planned intervention targets the highly vulnerable host communities, returnees and IDP’s in villages and spontaneous settlements north of Mosul, covering Hamdaniya and Tilkaif districts. The project will be implemented by Dorcas Aid International (DORCAS). DORCAS has been delivering food assistance for the past 5 months as response to the Mosul emergency, resulting in extensive experience in the areas of intervention. DORCAS aims to serve 60,462 direct beneficiaries out of the 3.2 million individuals that are currently food insecure and forced to rely on severe and often irreversible coping mechanisms. This will be done through the acquisition and distribution of 10,077 dry food parcels. This project is meant to be a continuation of the food security program implemented by DORCAS over the past five months in order to alleviate the suffering of the population affected by the ongoing violence and unrest in the country.

15 June 2017