High Hopes for New Youth Development Policy

On May 18th, Minister Kaag presented a new policy note called ‘Investing in Perspective’. PerspActive is pleased that the Minister wants to create perspective for youth and women, thereby addressing some of the root causes of poverty and inequality. Minister Kaag wants to invest 240 million euros in four years to empower future generations. This is a serious commitment to the next generation of African youth.

Focus regions
PerspActive focuses on North Africa, West Africa/Sahel, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. These regions struggle with massive problems and young people aren’t given a lot of perspective or job opportunities. The organizations involved in PerspActive all have their own specialties and working together allows them synergize and complement each other.

When young people have education and/or (vocational) training, their chances to have a good life greatly increase. Investments in basic vocational, agricultural and digital training are therefore included in the policy note. Providing places where young people can learn and practice their skills are emphasized.

Fund for youth employment
PerspActive endorses these interventions and will use its connections with the Dutch government to plead for establishing a fund that is specifically for youth employment. This fund will finance work, income and entrepreneurship programs for disadvantaged youth.

PerspActive consists of Dorcas, Edukans, Leger des Heils, Leprazending, Light for the World, Red een Kind, Tear, Wilde Ganzen, Woord en Daad and ICCO Cooperation.

11 June 2018

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