Emergency aid for Ukranian refugees in Romania shifts to long-term assistance

The flow of refugees from Ukraine to Romania seems to be decreasing, which has consequences for the assistance required. Dorcas Romania will now focus on long-term support for Ukrainian refugees, especially their psychosocial well-being and mental health.

The initial flow of refugees often aimed to travel further to relatives or acquaintances in Western Europe. Now those crossing the border have nowhere else to go and remain in Romania. This new situation requires a different approach to emergency aid.


The refugees are accommodated in churches and social housing facilities. Dorcas Romania supports these reception locations by supplying basic needs, such as food, blankets and hygiene materials. However, because the refugees are there for a longer period, we also provide activities, toys and creative materials, so they have something to do during their stay. And we ensure that children learn the Romanian language so they can attend school soon.

Psychosocial care

Now the refugees live in an unknown place, usually separated from their families. They have often seen and experienced terrible things and would benefit from psychosocial support to process everything they have been through. This support can be provided to Ukrainian refugees who stay at a location for longer and Dorcas Romania will start individual and group psychosocial care soon. Stress and how to cope with difficult situations are some of the topics that will be discussed.

Winter period

Dorcas is also planning ahead for the upcoming winter period. Although future developments are still very uncertain, many refugees are expected to remain in the country. Therefore Dorcas Romania plans to start a new relief project in which winter clothes and blankets will be distributed.

14 July 2022

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