From Seeds to Success: Edmira’s Inspiring Journey

Edmira (51) lives with her husband and three children in the village of Valbona, Tropoja, Albania. A few years ago, she participated in a project by Dorcas Albania, receiving support in the form of potato seeds. This initial assistance marked the beginning of a transformative journey for her family.

As time passed, Edmira generated a good income from her agricultural efforts. Her husband, a tourist guide, led hikers through the scenic mountains. Recognising the potential of tourism, Edmira and her family decided to convert their home into a guesthouse to accommodate visitors.

With financial support from the TICP Programme, funded by Dorcas and Kom over en help, Edmira was able to apply for a soft loan under the Enterprising People and Communities (EPC) component. This loan enabled her to renovate their house into a guesthouse, aiming to boost the family’s income.

Edmira’s determination to grow her business and develop her entrepreneurial skills was unwavering. The soft loan allowed her to enhance the quality of her guesthouse, improving both service and accommodation for tourists. She also participated in capacity-building activities focused on tourism service quality, management, business planning, and technical assistance.

Today, Edmira is a shining example for other women aspiring to start their own businesses and invest in their communities. Her business is thriving, thanks to the initial support she received. She now mentors other women, offering support and guidance to those who wish to follow in her footsteps.

In her guesthouse, tourists can enjoy comfortable accommodation and delicious meals prepared with organic produce grown by Edmira. Her prices are competitive, and she is dedicated to providing the best service to visitors exploring Valbona and its surroundings. Her husband continues to work as a tourist guide, assisting travellers with their luggage on horseback.

Edmira and her family are deeply grateful for the help they received through the programme, which has enabled them to build a successful business and contribute to their community.

04 July 2024

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