Dorcas organises water campaign

Andijk, June 28, 2016. We are organising a water campaign in the Netherlands and we are challenging people to only drink water, instead of other beverages. Not buying any beverages or drinks saves the averages person around fourteen euro per week. When people donate this amount, we can provide access to clean water for someone. The campaign is from July 11-17 and we hope that many people in the Netherlands will join us in making a difference.

The importance of clean drinking water is evident in Magdalena’s story. Magdalena is from Tanzania and she used to walk for hours to fetch water that wasn’t even clean. She and her family often got sick from it. Now that there is a water tap in her village, Magdalena doesn’t get sick much anymore and she now has time to work on her land. She and her village are flourishing now! Dorcas provides clean water to people in Tanzania, Albania, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Mozambique. In 2015, 52,505 people gained access to clean water (within one kilometer from where they live) through Dorcas.

28 June 2016

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