Dorcas Mozambique and Start Network begin an emergency response project in Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado is a province severely affected by a complex humanitarian crisis with military tension, climate-induced problems and high levels of poverty. Recent attacks carried out by armed groups in Cabo Delgado have resulted in even more internally displaced persons (IDPs). The armed groups are continuing their advance south, attacking innocent people on the way. These attacks have forced people to flee, mostly to Chiure but also to other neighbouring districts.

Dorcas Mozambique has been active in Cabo Delgado province since 2021. Here it focuses on the District of Chiure with Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH and Humanitarian Recovery activities. Unfortunately, these activities are not enough to meet the huge needs of the IDPs. In Chiure district, most new arrivals live in emergency and communal shelters. Their major needs are food, transportation, dignity and hygiene kits, and non-food items, including kitchen kits and blankets. Dorcas aims to provide priority humanitarian assistance to IDPs who have just arrived in Chiure. We will target 2000 households with basic food and kitchen kits so they can prepare their own meals. These items will be distributed in the resettlement centres of Chiure Sede, Meculane, Chiure Velho and Katapua where most IDPs from the attacks in Ancuabe are found. Dorcas will focus on households with many children, persons with a disability or chronic illness, pregnant/lactating women and older people.

About Start Network:

Start Network was established in 2010. It aims to transform humanitarian action through innovation, fast funding, early action, and localisation. Over the next three years, Start Network will work across four complementary and mutually reinforcing areas to catalyse system change and drive more effective humanitarian action to assist and protect communities in need.

19 July 2022

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